Métis Heritage Park, Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

On Thursday, June 21, the St. Boniface Heritage Garden officially opened a recognition space in honour of the Métis Nation. The landscaping and the interpretive panels have been designed by two Métis women: architect Janelle Fillion, and artist Candace Lipischak. The Archdiocese of St. Boniface invites you to come and explore the grounds of the Archbishop’s residence that pay homage to those who played an important role in the development of the St. Boniface Mission, including the significant role that the Métis Nation has played in Manitoba’s history. His Grace Albert LeGatt, Archbishop of St. Boniface declared: ‘As we seek the path of reconciliation, peace and friendship, we hope this space in the St. Boniface Heritage Garden will be one of many gestures on the path to healing where pain or hurt has been brought to others, by asking for forgiveness, and committing ourselves to walking together into the future.

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